About Reports in Xello 6-12

Xello's Reports tool is a powerful aid in getting the big data about your students and their progress and engagement. Easily track how many students have signed in and how often, how many students have completed their assessments, and how many have saved schools and options.

While the Reports may be great at big statistics, they also make it easy to narrow the data down to the students who are tactile learners, or the students who have chosen specific careers, or even the students who are struggling to finish their course plan and may need a bit more support.

There are three types of reports: Student Work, Lesson Progress, and Engagement.

Student Work

These reports will track students' participation in activities on the About Me page, the Assessments, and their saved careers, schools, and majors/programs. As well as in-depth reports on Course Planner progress, including course planner completion, course planner alerts, diploma completion, and more.

Lesson Progress

Use these reports to track whether students have not started, are in progress with, or have completed their Lessons. These reports can be narrowed by grade, student, and Lesson.


These reports will show how often and how recently students have signed in to Xello. Narrow by day, month, or student.

Access Reports

Access and run reports directly from your Educator Account. To get started, click Reports from the left menu and select the type of report you'd like to run. Browse through the wide variety, and click the Select Report drop-down to see even more options and further narrow the data.

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