Run Reports on Lesson Progress

Xello's Reports are a powerful, quick, and easy way to track the progress of your students' work in Lessons, assess their engagement, ensure they're on track for course plans, and easily pin-point which students need a bit more encouragement.

FYI: For hints and more information about Reports, check out Tips and Tricks with Reports.

Lesson Progress reports cover everything to do with Lessons. View how many students have not yet started their Lessons, how many are in progress, and how many have completed them. Narrow the data by Lesson, by grade, or by individual student.

To run a report on Lesson progress:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Reports and select Lesson Progress.
  2. To view the summary, from the bottom of the Lessons Completion Summary section, click View Report.
    • Or to get a more specific report by student, grade, or Lesson, click the appropriate option under Available Reports.
  3. Further narrow the data by clicking on a table row to filter the list.
Tip: Use the Core Lessons drop-down to view all available lessons assigned to your students.

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