Run Reports on Students' Goals & Plans

In their journey for future-readiness while in Xello, students are encouraged to plan for their future, including setting short term goals such as planning courses for high school, or longer term plans after high school. They're prompted to think about reaching their goals by following a plan based on school, career, or a program/major.

In your Educator Account, run reports to see how your students are building their plans and which students are leaning more towards a career-based plan vs. a school-based plan.

To run a report on students' Goals & Plans:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Reports and select Student Work.
  2. In the Plans card, click Select Report and choose which report you'd to like to view.
    • Once you've selected a report to view, from the top left of the list, click the drop-down to select a different Goals & Plans report
Tip: To quickly narrow the data on the list, from the top right of the list, click Filters. To add or remove table columns, or to export the table to a spreadsheet or .csv file, click Data & Export.

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