Run Reports on Students' Saved Options

While engaging with Xello, students are often prompted to save their most preferred options. This includes the careers they're interested in, the schools they're considering, or what program/major they might want to pursue.

In your Educator Account, run a report to see your students' Saved Options. View like-minded groups of students who are interested in the same careers, schools, or majors/programs. Or, for example, learn which students are thinking of careers in the Law and Government field, vs. the number of students interested in Skilled Trades, by narrowing the results to clusters.

View three different reports on students' saved options: Saved Careers, Saved Schools, and Saved Programs/Majors.

FYI: To learn different ways of wading and sorting through all the data, as well as how to export the information, check out Tips and Tricks with Reports.

To run a report on students' saved options:

  1. From your Educator Account, click Reports and select Student Work.
  2. From the Student Work page, choose between Saved Careers, Saved Schools, and Saved Majors (or Programs).
  3. Click the Select Report drop-down and select one of the options to run the report.
    • From the top left of the list, click the drop-down to select a different Save Options report.
Tip: To quickly narrow the data on the list, from the top right of the list, click Filters. To add or remove table columns, or to export the table to a spreadsheet or .csv file, click Data & Export.

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