Optimize a Student's Course Plan

Sometimes a student might create a course plan that doesn't utilize their course selections to maximum benefit. Perhaps they applied a course to an elective requirement when it would be more beneficially applied to a mandatory requirement.

These sub-optimal choices are hard to catch when there are so many course options spread over four years. Xello’s Course Plan Optimizer catches the weaknesses in student plans for you and your students. This tool employs a powerful algorithm to determine the best configuration of a student’s course plan to ensure the maximum number of graduation requirements are fulfilled.

FYI: Both students and educators access the Optimizer the same way from the Course Planner, as described here.

To optimize a student's course plan:

  1. In your Educator Account, navigate to the student's course plan.
  2. FYI: Need a reminder how? Check out View a Student's Course Plan.
  3. From the student's course plan, to the right of the requirements bar, click Suggestions to open a drop-down with a list of applicable alternatives.
  4. If you’re happy with the suggestions, click Let’s do it.
  5. The suggested changes will be applied to the student's course plan. The changes that are made will be available for viewing until a new course is added to the plan.
Tip: A red notification dot on the top right of the Suggestions button indicates that an optimization opportunity exists.

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