Activate or Deactivate a Custom Lesson

To control whether students can see and access a custom lesson on their end, you have the option to toggle the lesson on or off.

Note: Only those with administrator access can create or make changes to custom lessons. To learn more about educator access and permissions, read the article on Educator Permissions.

To deactivate or activate a custom lesson:

  1. From your Educator Account, under Features, click Lessons to open the list of Lessons in Xello.
  2. From the list of lessons, find the one you wish to activate or deactivate and click on the title.
  3. At the bottom right of the lesson's page, click Edit.
  4. From the top right of the lesson's page, switch the Status Active toggle to either YES or NO.
  5. Once you've made your changes, click Save.
Note: If your custom lesson's Active status is set to NO, students will not see or be able to access that lesson in Xello.

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