How Students Access their Messages

When a student receives a message, an email is sent to the address associated with their Xello account. The email will contain the contents of the message as well as a link to sign them in to their Xello account, and direct them straight to the message in their Message Center. Additionally, while signed in, a red dot on their avatar indicates when they have unread messages.

How students access and reply to messages:

  1. From any page in Xello, from the top right corner, students click their avatar and select Messages.
  2. Students click on the Inbox tab to see the list of messages received.
  3. They click on the title of the message to view the full contents and click Reply.
  4. Once they've entered their messages and attached any necessary files, they click Send.
Note: Students can initiate a message to any of their assigned educators, and can reply to a message sent from any educator - assigned or not.

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