"About Me" Bag - Grade 1 Supplementary Activity

Through these About Me activities, students explore and identify their likes and dislikes, feelings, strengths and abilities, interests, and character traits. Students will recognize that these are important factors that make them special, contributing to an overall sense of positive self-concept. The activities also serve as an effective launch point for future investigation into their opportunities and career/life planning.

While we suggest First Grade as the recommended grade level for this activity, you can adapt it to suit the needs and interests of your class.

Purpose Materials
In this activity, students gather items that they feel represent something special about themselves that they would like to share with the class. The purpose of this activity is to:
  • Encourage students to reflect on the interests, skills, experiences, and qualities that make them unique
  • Promote respect for diversity and individuality
  • Promote a positive self-concept
To complete this activity, the following supplies are needed:
In-App My Files
Students upload photos of their About Me collage


  1. Bring in a paper bag of 4 small items that are meaningful to you and explain each item to the class as you draw them out of the bag. Tell the class that they are going to decorate and fill their own All About Me bags.
  2. Pass out paper bags to students to decorate. They can decorate the bags to look like themselves or to reflect their interests.
  3. Print off the "About Me" Bag Instructions and staple the instructions to each student’s bag so parents and guardians can help their child with the activity.
  4. Each student then takes their bag home and fills it with 4 things that represent something about themselves, such as an award or badge, a souvenir from a family vacation, a favorite book, a special, photo, or anything else meaningful.
  5. Each student presents their bag to the class or in to other students in small groups, explaining in one or two sentences why each item is important to them. Encourage other students to ask questions about the items and their meaning.

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