Dear Future Me - Bonus Supplementary Activity

Through these About Me activities, students explore and identify their likes and dislikes, feelings, strengths and abilities, interests, and character traits. Students will recognize that these are important factors that make them special, contributing to an overall sense of positive self-concept. The activities also serve as an effective launch point for future investigation into their opportunities and career/life planning.

Purpose Materials
The purpose of this activity is to allow students to compose a message to their future selves. Students will:
  • Project into the future and imagine what their lives might be like
  • Identify an occupation they might like to have in the future
  • Identify their current interests, skills, and abilities
  • Identify ways that they may change in the future
To complete this activity, the following supplies are needed:
In-App My Files
Students upload the video to their future self story, and include a photo of their worksheet and picture


This is a good activity to do at the beginning of the year and revisit at the end of the year to see how much students’ interests and references have changed. Students can also review their letters and videos from year to year to track how they have grown and changed.

  1. Tell students that they’re going to be writing/recording messages for their future selves! Ask them to imagine themselves in the future—it could be at the end of the school year, next year, or even when they’re grown-ups.
  2. What would they like to say to their older selves? What would they want to remember about themselves now?
  3. Have students fill out the "Dear Future Me" Worksheet and draw corresponding pictures. They should be creating a “snapshot” of the things that they like and that are important to them right now. The script is just a guide.
  4. Encourage students to go “off script” to talk about other things that are important to them that their future selves might want to remember.
  5. On recording day, ask students to dress as the occupation they identified in the worksheet and have them talk to their future selves about what their lives are like now and what they hope to be able to do in the future. If students are shy, they can use their scripts. Students can show the pictures they’ve drawn as they give their presentations to the camera.

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