My Family Story - Grade 2 Supplementary Activity

Through these About Me activities, students explore and identify their likes and dislikes, feelings, strengths and abilities, interests, and character traits. Students will recognize that these are important factors that make them special, contributing to an overall sense of positive self-concept. The activities also serve as an effective launch point for future investigation into their opportunities and career/life planning.

While we suggest Second Grade as the recommended grade level for this activity, you can adapt it to suit the needs and interests of your class.

Purpose Materials
In this activity, students will create a family tree. The purpose of this activity is to:
  • Encourage students to learn more about themselves through their family histories
  • Teach students about the importance of oral histories
  • Promote respect for diversity
  • Promote a positive self-concept
To complete this activity, the following supplies are needed:
In-App My Files
Students upload a photo of the class family tree and family member story, along with a video of their presentation


Creating a family tree is a great way for students to reflect on who they are! Explain to students what a family tree is—you can show them your own tree as an example. Tell them that information about family members is often passed on to each generation through oral histories or stories. In this activity, students will create their own family trees and engage in the oral history tradition by passing along a story about a member of their family tree.

  1. Print off copies of the Family Tree and Leaf Worksheet for your students. Students will get assistance from their family members for this activity.
  2. Tip: You may want to send a brief note home with students explaining the purpose of this activity and how parents and guardians can help.
  3. On each leaf, students write the name of one family member, date of birth, where they were born, and their relationship to the student (i.e. father, mother, aunt, grandfather, etc.). They can then glue the leaves to the tree to form a family tree.
  4. Students should ask parents or family members to tell a brief, interesting story about one of the people in their family tree. The story can be about something funny the person did, a job he or she had, an amazing achievement, or any other interesting detail. To help them remember, students should copy the story to a piece of paper (one paragraph) and attach it to their tree.
  5. Students can present their family trees and stories in class or in small groups.

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