Career Interview - Bonus Supplementary Activity

These Career/Life Skills Vocabulary activities introduce students to key career and life skills vocabulary and concepts.

Purpose Materials
In this activity, students interview a family member about his or her work. The purpose of this activity is to help students:
  • Learn more about an occupation Gather and understand career information
  • Develop and demonstrate critical thinking, questioning, and communications skills
To complete this activity, the following supplies are needed:
In-App My Files
Students upload a photo of their career interview worksheet. Or ask them to take a photo, audio, or video recording of their interview to upload.


  1. Print copies of the Career Interview Worksheet for students to take home.
  2. Explain to students that a career interview is when you talk to someone to get information about his or her work. Ask students to think of a family member or trusted adult that they can interview.
  3. Tip: You may want to provide a brief note that students can give to their parents or the interviewee to explain the purpose of the career interview worksheet. You could also suggest that parents or guardians record their student’s interview so that it can be uploaded to the My Files app.
  4. Model appropriate interview techniques for students. Students should read their questions clearly and carefully and listen to their subject’s responses. Remind students to say “Thank you for your time” when they have finished interviewing their subject.
  5. As an extension activity, you can invite someone who works in your community to the class to speak about his or her job. In groups, have your students brainstorm questions they could ask the guest. Then, as a class, decide on several that you will pose to the guest. Have volunteers ask the questions the class has composed during the interview.

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