Detective Me - Kindergarten Supplementary Activity

This Investigation and Inquiry activity will help foster students’ natural curiosity and promote development of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and inquiry skills. The activity also underscores the detective motif in Xello K-2 and brings it into the classroom.

While we suggest Kindergarten as the recommended grade level for this activity, you can adapt it to suit the needs and interests of your class.

Purpose Materials
In this activity, students will discuss the role of detectives, interview a friend, and draw pictures of themselves as a detective. This activity helps students to:
  • Identify the duties and characteristics of a detective
  • Understand the importance of asking questions
  • Think about different occupations and the tools people in the occupation use
To complete this activity, the following supplies are needed:
In-App My Files
Student upload a photo of their detective self-portraits and their New Friend Times


  1. With your class, brainstorm about the tasks and responsibilities of a detective. Ask them, “What do detectives (like Detective Jill) do?”
    • Draw attention to answers that emphasize asking questions and finding information to solve problems.
  2. Ask students to list the characteristics of good detectives (e.g. curiosity), some of the questions that detectives might ask, and the tools that detectives might use to investigate cases.
    • Write down students’ ideas and keep it where they can see it.
  3. Have students draw a picture of themselves as a detective investigating an exciting case. Ask them to explain the case they are investigating and help them write a summary on their drawing. Don’t forget to give them a speech bubble so they can write a question that they would need to ask in order to solve the case.
  4. Tip: To expand this activity, you can ask students to also think about the questions that someone in a different occupation might ask as part of their job, or what tools they might use. For example, a doctor might ask patients how they are feeling and use a stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat, a construction worker might ask what materials to use to build a house and use a hammer to put nails into a piece of wood, and a scientist might ask why certain birds behave the way they do and use a computer to keep track of their research.
  5. Then ask your students if they know what a journalist does and how they are like a detective. Using the The New Friend Times Worksheet, demonstrate how students can play the role of a journalist and interview a friend for your classroom newspaper.
    • Assist students with recording their interviews and then compile all the interviews for a classroom newspaper.

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