Community Scavenger Hunt and Paper Mural - Grade 1 Supplementary Activity

These activities encourage students to engage in their communities (school and neighborhood) and develop the skills, knowledge, and behavior to be responsible and contributing citizens.

While we suggest First Grade as the recommended grade level for this activity, you can adapt it to suit the needs and interests of your class.

Purpose Materials

In this activity, students embark on a community scavenger hunt (in the company of parents and classroom helpers), using found items to create a small mural. Students will:

  • Learn more about the various businesses and helpers in their communities
  • Express aspects and features that make their community special
  • Identify ways to help their community as responsible citizens
  • Work collaboratively to create a mural of their community
To complete this activity, the following supplies are needed:
  • Copies of the Our Community Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
  • A bag for each student
  • A digital camera for each group if allowing photos
  • A map of your town or city (or a map of your state that shows where your town is located)
  • Long sheet of craft paper
  • Crayons, paint, markers
  • Glue
In-App My Files
Students upload photos of their community scavenger hunt and class mural


  1. Enlist the help of parents, classroom aides, or senior student to accompany small groups of 5-7 students around your neighborhood as they search for objects on the list. Students can collect items or photos on their hunt.
  2. You can adapt the Our Community Scavenger Hunt Worksheet to meet the unique opportunities in your community or neighborhood and the interests of your classroom. Some examples of suitable items for your list include:
    • Leaves from 4 different trees found in your town or city
    • Crayon rubbings of six different building materials
    • Something that shows the best thing about your town or city
    • A sign or flyer for a community event
    • A takeout menu from a restaurant
    • Something from a place where people go to have fun
    • Something that shows you have visited public transportation (e.g. transfer at a subway station, bus ticket, photo at a bus stop)
    • A crayon rubbing of some decoration or a historic marker found on a building
    • Something from local government office (e.g. a photo at city hall)
    • Something from a neighborhood helper (e.g. a pen from a police officer, a photo with a firefighter, a brochure from a nurse from a health clinic, etc.)
    • A count of some of the things in your town (e.g. the number of schools, restaurants, convenience stores, trees on the block, parks, etc.)
  3. Discuss each group’s findings. Ask your students what they learned about their community and what else they’d like to know about where they live. Brainstorm ideas about how they can be helpers in their community.
  4. Using a large sheet of paper, have students work together to create a mural of their community. They can paint a streetscape from the community and glue items or print-outs of pictures they collected as part of the scavenger hunt to the mural. Have students paint themselves in the mural, performing a task to help their community. For example:
    • Working as a police officer, firefighter, or other community helper
    • Picking up trash
    • Helping people carry groceries

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