Supplementary Activities for Xello K-2

Use these in-class supplementary activities to help you implement Xello in the classroom. The activity sequences in this package are organized around four key concepts: Investigation and Inquiry, About Me, Me and My Community, and Career/Life Skills Vocabulary.

These activities can be used to introduce and to build on activities in Xello for Elementary as they begin to forge their pathway to future-readiness. While we have provided recommended grade levels for the activities, they can be modified to suit your students’ needs and interests.

Alternatively, to view and download all lesson plans in one PDF, check out the Xello K-2 Supplementary Activities Guide.

In-Class Supplementary Activities

Investigation and Inquiry

About Me

Me and My Community

Career/Life Skills Vocabulary

Worksheets at a Glance

Quickly access and download or print any of the worksheets from the supplementary in-class activities.

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