Career Town Location: Art Gallery

Learning Objective

Students learn about occupations in the Creative career path. Students also develop art-related skills as they demonstrate their creativity, and practice basic color theory by mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.

Mini Game

You The Artist: In this game, students help the curator furnish the art gallery’s latest exhibition by painting some artwork.

To play: Students use the drawing tools to create original works of art or build on one of the templates provided.

Occupations and Characters

At this location, students meet or are told about the following characters and learn more about their occupations:

Character Occupation
Rehan Curator
Maria Artist
Jermaine Photographer

Classroom Extension

  • Create a gallery wall in your classroom where students can display their favorite pieces of artwork (with name plates and descriptions) during parent-teacher conferences.
  • Discuss famous artists and have students act out tableaux vivants of their works of art.

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