Career Town Location: Hospital

Learning Objective

Students learn about occupations in the Health career path. Students also demonstrate time management and prioritization skills as they work to help treat patients at the hospital.

Mini Game

Super Busy Hospital: In this game, students help hospital staff treat patients in the emergency room.

To play: Students drag treatment options to patients’ beds.

Occupations and Characters

At this location, students meet or are told about the following characters and learn more about their occupations:

Character Occupation
Sean Nurse
Dr. Khadjah Doctor
Christine Paramedic

Classroom Extension

  • Talk about these occupations and other health services occupations, asking students to tell the class about a time they went to see a doctor or dentist.
  • Create a “Health Jobs are the Same” bulletin board and ask students to draw pictures of ways in which health jobs are similar (e.g. caring for people, providing medical treatment).

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