Career Town Detective Academy

Detective Jill

As the narrator, Detective Jill guides students through Career Town, helping them learn more about its citizens and gather clues to solve mysteries. She quizzes students on the careers they encounter at each location and guides students through the self-reflection questions in the About Me app of their Dpads.


At the Detective Academy, students can create their own avatars, selecting physical characteristics and wardrobe options that best suit them. The avatar will then appear onscreen as a character in the program.

Students can go to the Home location on the Career Town map to change their avatar at any time. The Home location is located in the lower right corner of the map. To return to the game, they simply click the checkmark in the top right corner of the screen to save their changes.

Introduction to the Detective Pad (Dpad)

To familiarize students with their Detective Pads (Dpads), Jill prompts students to answer a question about themselves. Students’ answers are saved in the About Me app of their Dpad.

Students can return to their Dpads from the Career Town map to review or change their answers, or to answer new questions as they become unlocked. For more information about the Dpad, please see the Detective Pad section beginning with About the Detective Pad.

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