Welcome to Career Town

The adventure that students embark on in Xello K-2 is a non-violent mystery that underlines not only the variety of work and workers in a community, but the importance of every worker in a community.

Workers around Career Town have disappeared from their jobs, causing chaos. They are unharmed, but they have been lured away by Ernestine McNohire, who plans to build her own community on the moon. It’s up to your students to save the day!

Students are encouraged to explore the 6 locations on the Career Town map to collect clues to figure out what Ernestine is up to and where she is hiding the workers. While investigating each location, students also:

  • Learn about career paths and the variety of occupation options available to workers
  • Complete reflection activities

Xello K-2 content supports around 3 hours of play, or 7 x 20 minutes sessions per grade. Students can return to the program and replay the mini-games as often as they want.

There are 6 possible outcomes to the game, which are generated randomly for each student. That means that not every student will receive the same clues and be directed to the same final location to capture Ernestine McNohire. This way, the ending is less likely to be spoiled for the whole class when a student finishes the game before everyone else.

Setting up different final locations also encourages re-playability as students receive a different set of clues during subsequent plays. The mystery portion of the game - where is Ernestine hiding people in Career Town?! - can be reset after the first completed playthrough by visiting the Detective Academy.

If the student visits the Detective Academy to replay the game, much of the content is reset as well. They'll have the chance to earn the badges and stickers, unlock people profiles, and answer all the reflection questions again.

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