Xello K-2 Learning Objectives

In consultation with elementary guidance counselors, teachers, and other subject matter experts, and through our own work with K-2 students, we have identified the following age-appropriate career/life learning objectives.

With Xello K-2, students will:

  • Build an About Me portfolio containing evidence of their career/life work
  • Investigate different roles that people have in their home, school, and community
  • Investigate the world of work, including paid and unpaid work and career paths organization
  • Acquire age-appropriate career/life vocabulary
  • Employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve Career Town mysteries!
  • Develop an understanding of self to build and maintain a positive self-concept
  • Understand the different roles that exist in our community
  • Learn about career vocabulary, skills, and how skills are necessary in all careers
  • Explore and understand career information

Classroom Extensions and Supplementary Activities

Xello supports the blended learning environment to encourage deeper learning, help reduce digital isolation, and provide opportunity for collaboration. Recommended “Classroom Extensions” are outlined for each Career Town location as a way to build upon the students’ understanding of career paths.

The Supplementary Activities for K-2 build upon core concepts of career/life learning: Investigation and Inquiry; About Me; Me and My Community; and Career/Life Skills Vocabulary. These suggested classroom extensions and activities will help you design a successful blended learning environment, where students learn through a variety of activities that apply to many different learning styles.

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