About Me Portfolio and My Files

K-2 students are encouraged to record what they learn in their About Me portfolios. The portfolio is a tool for reflection and planning which is carried with students throughout their Career Cruising K-12 experience. Early portfolio development helps students acquire the skills and habits to identify their strengths, interests, and capabilities, and relate them to their opportunities now and in the future.

Students start documenting their insights through a series of personal profile questions. Supplemental in-class activities are also available and can be read from Supplementary Activities for K-2. Most of the activities provide an opportunity for students to create an artifact of learning, which they can upload to their My Files app.

How it Works

After the introduction to the Dpad during their first visit to the Detective Academy, students can visit the Dpad at any time from the Career Town map.

  1. Click on the Dpad icon and select the About Me app to access the My Profile and My Files apps.
  2. Here, students can answer new profile questions as they become unlocked, review and update their answers to previous questions, and upload meaningful learning artifacts.

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