List of Xello 3-5 Lessons

Xello's interactive lessons encourage ongoing learning and reflection on a wide range of future readiness topics. They can be woven into curriculum plans, assigned as self-paced activities, and or used as milestones of progress. Your students will uncover new skills and insights and you’ll seamlessly strengthen their knowledge and professional skills without ever leaving Xello.

Lesson Learning Objectives Prerequisites In-Real-Life Mission
Mission: Interests
Recommended Grade: 3
Estimated Time: 20-40 min
Dart has lost his interests! In their quest to help Dart, students explore the importance of interests and the link between interests and activities they can do now and when they’re adults. They also have the chance to reflect on one of their interests.
  • Define interests and understand how the things they like can help define who you are
  • Explore the link between interests and various activities
  • Reflect on their interests and favorite things
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Mission: School Subjects
Recommended Grade: 3
Estimated Time: 30-40 min

What happens when you cross a science experiment with stinky gym clothes? A slippery slime monster, that's what! Pep and his friends race to save the school, exploring how what they learn in class everyday relates to activities outside of school - and hopefully defeating the slime creatures!

  • Connect what they're learning in school to related opportunities outside of school, like hobbies and chores
  • Reflect positively on the subjects and topics they are learning in school
  • Identify careers that use their favorite subject on the job
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Mission: Skills
Recommended Grade: 4
Estimated Time: 20-30 min
Doon needs help saving Fun Fest! In this lesson, students teach Doon about the importance of skills and how they’re transferable, and reflect on one of their own skills.
  • Identify skills and their importance
  • Link skills to activities at home and in the community, and jobs
  • Explore transferability of skills
  • Positively and confidently reflect on their own skills
  • Develop a growth mindset, understanding they have to work at skills to get stronger
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Mission: Goal Setting
Recommended Grade: 4
Estimated Time: 30-40 min

Dax is determined to learn how to do the best cartwheels, but some goal gremlins are out to get in her way. In this lesson, students help Dax's friends explore some of the things that can put goal achievement at risk, and learn strategies for staying on track with their goals.

  • Identify characteristics of a good goal (i.e. achievable and specific)
  • Explore potential goal obstacles and ways to overcome them
  • Reflect on one of their own goals and the challenges they may face (or did face) in completing the goal
  • Understand that setting goals makes their dreams possible / achievable.
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Mission: Learning and Future Success
Recommended Grade: 5
Estimated Time: 20-30 min
Dart’s been hit with a no-learning curse! Students explore the importance of lifelong learning, link learning activities with their perks, and investigate how a commitment to keep learning can help in a career they like.
  • Identify reasons learning is important
  • Explore the value of lifelong learning by linking learning activities with their potential benefits
  • Reflect on how what they're learning now relates to a job they like
  • Describe the learning they will need to do to work in a job that they like
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Mission: Facing Big Challenges
Recommended Grade: 5
Estimated Time: 30-40 min

Marsh has been taken by the ogre of Howl Back Forest! As students help Marsh's friends venture deep into the ogre's cave, they learn about the importance of perseverance when faced with big (and small) challenges.

  • Define perseverance and the qualities that help someone persevere
  • Uncover the importance perseverance plays in what they do and achieve
  • Explore ways to demonstrate perseverance
  • Describe examples of perseverance from their own lives
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