Believing You Can Succeed - Grade 4 Supplementary Activity

About This Lesson

In this lesson, students learn about fixed and growth mindsets, and assess their own attitudes towards their ability to learn and grow. They bring it all together to create a class mantra that encourages them and their classmates to believe they can succeed!

10-50 Minutes
4th Grade

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, students will:

  • Define different types of communities they belong to;
  • Identify the characteristics of growth and fixed mindsets;
  • Explore ways to turn a fixed mindset into a growth mindset;
  • Reflect on times they’ve demonstrated a fixed and/or growth mindsets;
  • Create class mantras to remind themselves and their friends to stay positive about their abilities.

Xello Entry Point

The in-app lesson, Mission: Skills, features the story of an artist, Doon, who has trouble believing she has the ability to perform a task. This activity is a great way to build on the themes of that story. Read the comic or revisit the story together as a class.

Driving Question

How can believing in myself help me (and others) succeed?

Future-Ready Skills




Critical Thinking

Lesson Breakdown

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5-10 minutes

Activity 1 - Got Attitude?

The purpose of this activity is to build on students’ experiences with self-doubt and help remind them of what a positive attitude looks and sounds like.


Activity 2 - Flip Your Thinking

In this activity, students reflect on their own experiences and turn fixed mindset statements into more positive growth mindset statements.


Activity 3 - Class Mantras (When You Need a Little Help)

The purpose of this activity is to equip students with some confidence-boosting mantras to help them encourage classmates—and themselves—when they have trouble believing in their abilities.


Exit Activity - Students Add a Goal or Achievement

Have students sign in to Xello and add a goal card or an achievement card that reflects a growth mindset..

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