Balancing Life Roles - Grade 5 Supplementary Activity

About This Lesson

In this lesson, students discover the importance of balance in their own roles and responsibilities through a physical experiment, self-reflective diagram, and creative writing activity.

15-65 Minutes
5th Grade

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, students will:

  • Understand the importance of achieving balance in their responsibilities and activities;
  • Evaluate the roles and responsibilities that they need to balance;
  • Prioritize responsibilities that are the most important

Xello Entry Point

In Xello, students can use the interest inventory and Storyboard to record the activities that are important to them. These sections can be used to jumpstart a discussion about how students can keep all of their different interests and responsibility in balance.

Driving Question

What roles do you play in life, and how can you balance them?

Future-Ready Skills


Time Management

Decision Making

Mathematics Skills


Lesson Breakdown

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5-10 minutes

Activity 1 - Balance Challenge

In this fun experiment, students try to balance some coins off of the side of a desk.


Activity 2 - Responsibility Pie

In this activity, students list off all the responsibilities and activities they perform in a day, and create a pie chart from the results.


Activity 3 - A Day in the Life Story

Students get creative in this activity, writing a story about how they might balance several roles in a day before things get a bit weird.


Exit Activity - Balancing Life Roles

Students complete an exit ticket, reflecting on what they learned about balancing their responsibilities and roles.

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