Trying Your Best - Grade 4 Supplementary Activity

About This Lesson

In this lesson, students will discover the benefits of trying their best by celebrating their classmates' efforts, and reflecting on their own willingness to put their best effort forward. By sharing and exchanging their experiences and reflections with others, students will see ways they can improve their own behavior and support one-another in their efforts.

Learning Skills
15-55 Minutes
4th Grade

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, students will:

  • Describe what it means to try one's best;
  • Assess their own efforts at school and elsewhere;
  • Reflect on the benefits of trying their best;
  • Use a rubric to evaluate levels of effort in some sample work.

Xello Entry Point

In the School Subjects section of the About Me page, students can rank 6 subjects from most to least favorite. Sometimes, interest and effort go hand in hand. This lesson can help students assess whether their interest in a school subject impacts their effort in the class.

Driving Question

Why should I make an effort in school?

Future-Ready Skills


Goal Setting


Lesson Breakdown

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10-15 minutes

Activity 1 - The Effies!

In this activity, students tap into what they know about trying their best by nominating classmates for recognition for putting their best effort forward.


Activity 2 - When Do I Try My Best?

In this activity, students reflect on what it looks and feels like to try their hardest and assess their own effort.


Activity 3 - You're the Teacher!

In this activity, students use an effort rubric to “grade” some sample work.


Exit Activity - Trying Your Best

Students complete an exit ticket, reflecting on a past event where they did not try their best and predicting how they will use what they learned in the future.

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