How Others See Me - Grade 3 Supplementary Activity

About This Lesson

In this lesson, students will explore qualities they admire in others and themselves to help develop their positive self-concept. With a focus on positive behaviors and attitudes, students will build their understanding of how they can control the way others see them.

15-50 Minutes
3rd Grade

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity, students will:

  • Build a positive self-concept by exploring the qualities that they like about themselves;
  • Link behaviors, attitudes, and language with others’ perception of them;
  • Identify positive qualities they want to demonstrate to others.

Xello Entry Point

This activity can be used in conjunction with students’ work in the About Me section, where they inventory all the interests and strengths that help make up their identity.

Driving Question

How can I make others see me the way I want to be seen?

Future-Ready Skills



Respecting Yourself

Respecting Others

Understanding Perspectives

Lesson Breakdown

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10-15 minutes

Activity 1 - Shout-Outs!

In this warm-up activity, students list positive qualities about a classmate, and in return, receive a positive shout-out from their partner.


Activity 2 - Meme Yourself

Students explore how they see themselves and how others may see them in this creative drawing activity.


Activity 3 - The Me I Want the World to See

In this activity, students create an autobiographical article, highlighting all of the good qualities and actions that they want others to know about.


Exit Activity - How Others See Me

Students rate how comfortable they feel with their understanding of how their behavior, actions, and attitude impact the way others see them.

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