Xello 101: Quick Start Introduction for 6-12

This is for you if you want to dive right in and get hands-on right away, and are really interested in the basics of what you and your students can do with Xello.

Looking for a more in-depth introduction to get you off and running? Check out Xello 101: Comprehensive Introduction.

Total Time: Approximately 2 ½ hours

  1. What is Xello? - 2 minutes

    Watch the video

    Learn what Xello is all about, how Xello supports future-readiness, and what the consequences of supporting future-readiness can be.

  2. Xello Student Experience Overview - 4:00 minutes
    Watch the video for US schools.
    Watch the video for Canadian schools.

    In this short video, you'll see Xello from a student's perspective. You'll get an overview of all the key experiences students will have with Xello on their journey to building their personalized plan for a successful future.

  3. Educator Tools Overview - 3:15 minutes
    Watch the video for US schools.
    Watch the video for Canadian schools.

    See Xello's educator tools in action through this quick overview, including key features and where to find them.

  4. Getting Started with Your Educator Account - Approximately 10 minutes
    Available as a PDF download

    Here are a few simple steps to help get you started with Xello and on your way to becoming a future-ready hero!

  5. Student Experience Walk-Throughs - Approximately 60 minutes total
    Available as PDF Downloads

    Using your student demo account, step-by-step guides take you through the student experience. There are three walk-throughs:

  6. Check out the information on Lessons in Xello Support - 15 minutes
    Go to the Lessons section.

    Be sure to take a look at:

  7. Complete a Lesson in Xello - 20 to 30 minutes

    Get hands-on with one of the Lessons!
    • In your educator tools, check out the list of lessons available. Go to Features » Lessons, and click on the lesson names to learn more.
    • When you find one that interests you, go to your Educator Dashboard and select the grade that lesson is assigned to and click View as Student.
    • In the student experience, click on the lesson on your Student Dashboard. You may need to complete some tasks in Xello before you can begin, e.g. save some careers or complete assessments.

Want to learn more? Here are some additional resources to check out!

Xello Scope & Sequence - Approximately 30 minutes
Available as a PDF download

The Scope and Sequence document outlines recommendations for how use Xello at each grade level. To encourage continuous learning and reassessment, Xello includes age-appropriate content with grade-specific lessons. Activities in this document and their sequence are suggestions. Feel free to customize the activities and lesson sequence to meet your needs.

How Students Plan Courses in Xello - 1 hour
Available on-demand

Everything you need to know about Xello’s incredibly powerful 4-year Course Planner. Learn about adding and removing courses, course rules, graduation and specialization tracking, submitting course requests, exemptions and educator overrides, and reporting.

College Planning Tools - 1 hour
Available on-demand

Learn how Xello’s suite of College Planning tools can help you empower your US college-bound students to stay organized and on track with college information gathering, planning, and application tracking.

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