Supplementary Activities for 3-5 Overview

Xello supports the blended learning environment to encourage deeper learning, help reduce digital isolation, and provide an opportunity for collaboration on topics and skills that support a solid foundation for future success. The activity plans in this guide supports the development of four core areas: Mindset, Self-Management Skills, Learning Skills, and Social Skills.

As students begin to forge their pathway to future-readiness these supplementary activities can be used to introduce and build on students’ learning in Xello 3-5 software. All activities can be used to introduce key concepts before students engage with Xello for Elementary or as follow up activities that extend their learning.

Each activity outlines the learning goals, materials needed, and instructions for using the activity with students. Several activities include worksheets that you can print and distribute to your students. Depending on the time you have, each topic offers a variety of activities to choose from. While we have provided recommended grade levels for the activities, they can be modified to suit your students’ needs and interests. When explicit lessons are woven and reinforced into daily school life students begin to demonstrate these mindsets and skills as second nature.

Mindset The Mindset supplementary activities help students develop a positive attitude about themselves, belief in their abilities and potential, and a sense of belonging in their various communities, like school.
Self-Management Skills The Self-Management supplementary activities give students insight into how their behavior and actions influence the way others see and treat them. Students explore personal characteristics such as grit and integrity, and how these traits can help them succeed now and in the future.
Learning Skills The Learning Skills supplementary activities help students build practical analytical skills as they learn to find, evaluate, and use information. Students also investigate the importance of trying their best at school, and commit to putting their best effort forward.
Social Skills In the Social Skills supplementary activities, students develop the skills and knowledge to build strong relationships with others. Students build empathy, explore ways to help others now and in the future, and learn how the social skills they’re developing now can help them navigate the workplace.

We provide recommended grade levels for the activities, but all activities can be modified to suit your students’ needs and interests.

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