WBL Resources for Educators

Xello’s Work-Based Learning (WBL) module (formerly known as Inspire) helps bridge the gap between education and the world of work. If your school has purchased Xello's WBL add-on module, your students will have access to additional features in their Explore Options page. These features enable them to view profiles of local businesses that have partnered with your district, and to search for work-based learning opportunities such as job shadows, internships, informational interviews and more.

As an educator, you can participate in your district’s WBL program by taking on the role of Opportunities Coordinator at your school, or by taking advantage of the opportunities made available to you, such as teacher externships, guest speakers, company tours, and more.

Note: Every school must assign the role of Opportunities Coordinator to one educator who will be responsible for coordinating students’ opportunity requests. If you’d like to update the Opportunity Coordinator at your school, please contact our Client Solutions team at help@xello.world.

The resources below will help you and your students get started.


Note: Xello's new WBL module is currently being piloted with a limited number of districts. If you’re interested in using Xello to connect students with local employers, please complete the following form and our team will be in touch as soon as the module is made available: Interested in the WBL module.

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