Data Transfer Between Xello Products

What happens when your student graduates from one Xello product to another? Such as from Xello 3-5 to Xello 6-12?

First, login information doesn't change from year to year. When your students move from 5th grade to 6th, their login information will still be the same.

The information and student work that migrates from one product to the next depends on commonalities between the two products. For instance, stickers and badges aren't in Xello 3-5 so they won't transfer from Xello K-2. But the careers in Xello 3-5 are also in Xello 6-12 so students' saved careers will carry over.

Student work from Xello K-2 to Xello 3-5

Xello K-2 is a completely self-contained experience. Students' Career Town adventures and Dpad activities do not transfer to their Xello 3-5 account.

Student Work from Xello 3-5 to Xello 6-12

From 3-5 to 6-12, everything that is in both applications will transfer. This includes:

  • Saved career profiles
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Storyboard content.
Note: If a student created and added their own Interest or Skill in Xello 3-5, they'll need to create and add it to Xello 6-12 as well.

Missions and IRL Missions in Xello 3-5 are self-contained activities designed for students in grades 3-5 and do not transfer to Xello 6-12.

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