For Students: How to Access Xello

The first step to using Xello is...logging in!

Sign in formats are unique to different schools. Some use Single Sign On, like Google Classroom or PowerSchool, others use a combination of school ID numbers and birthdays. Contact your school to find out how to access Xello. Educators can find that information on their educator dashboard.

Reset Passwords via Email

You’ve got so many passwords! You're bound to forget one from time to time.

If that happens you can reset your password via email as long as your email address is associated with your account. To reset your password, click on the Having trouble signing in? link on the Sign In page. You’ll receive an email with password reset instructions.

If you haven’t entered your email address, contact your school and an educator will be able to reset your password for you.

Note: For security reasons, Xello cannot reset student passwords based on inquiries from students or parents/guardians. For more information see Password Security.

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