For Canadian Parents & Guardians: How Xello Supports Remote Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Xello is an online program your child’s school uses to help them prepare for academic, career, and future success.

The program uses an investigative, discovery-based learning process. Students better understand themselves, their future career options, and the 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed.

Check out a quick video overview of Xello

During these uncertain times, your child can access Xello from home on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

How Your Child Can Use Xello at Home

  1. The Student Dashboard includes a list of interactive Lessons assigned to your child’s grade level. These interactive lessons teach students key future readiness concepts.
  2. The Student Dashboard may include a list of custom Assignments created by your child’s teachers for them to complete.
  3. Work through the About Me profile, where your child can define their interests, skills, preferences, and aspirations so they can explore the opportunities right for them.
  4. Explore Options to learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich profiles.
Note: Your child’s school may also be using Xello for course planning. Check the Goals & Plans section to see if this is active for your child.

Parent Involvement
You’re encouraged to explore Xello with your child by logging in together. Your child can log in to his or her account via desktop or mobile device to share what they’ve learned about themselves, the world of work, and their future options.

Safe and Secure Environment
We take data protection and privacy very seriously. Xello complies with federal requirements for data security and privacy. That means advertising is not displayed within Xello, nor is data used for commercial purposes.

You can learn more about Xello and the student experience by visiting

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