Students and the Matchmaker Assessment

The first phase of Matchmaker has 39 questions. These questions have students thinking critically about their interests and ranking them on a scale of Like Very Much to Dislike Very Much.

Their answers are weighed against aspects of each career to determine a strength of match: the higher they rank an interest and the more central its corresponding aspect is to a career, then the stronger the match.

The first question they’re asked is “What would you like to do after high school?”. This question helps to filter their matches. "Not Sure Yet" is also an option for those who are still on the path of figuring out their first steps after high school.

How to Access Matchmaker

Students can access Matchmaker from two places: their Student Dashboard (the first page when they sign in to Xello), and from the top of their About Me page.

Computer mouse hovering over Get Started on the Student Dashboard
Student Dashboard
Computer mouse hovering over card saying start the quiz on about me
About Me

Find Out Why

From the top of any career profile, next to the Save button, the student clicks Find Out Why to open a table with their answers comparing how strongly their interests match with the central aspects of the career they’re viewing.

How to Reset Matchmaker

Students can reset their Matchmaker answers and retake the assessments.

Please note:

  • All Matchmaker answers will be deleted (this includes Personality Style and Mission Complete if they've been completed)
  • Careers in Explore Careers will not be sorted by Matchmaker results
  • Strength of career matches (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor) will not show on career cards
  • Their top matches will not show at the top of their About Me page

To reset Matchmaker:

  1. From the top of any page in Xello, students click About Me.
  2. At the top of the About Me page, located in the Career Matches section, students click the three-dot button and select Reset Matchmaker.
  3. They confirm they want to reset the Matchmaker quiz and start over by clicking Yes, Reset.

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