About Custom Lessons in Xello 3-5

Users with administrator access can create a trackable, custom lesson that will show right on the student's dashboard, the first page they see when signing in to Xello.

While Xello's ready-made Lessons cover a wide range of future-readiness topics, the ability to create custom lessons ensures students meet the unique curriculum requirements of their district.

Additionally, custom lessons help reduce the prep workload on educators by making it easy for educators and students to know exactly which activities and lessons need to be completed for students to be future-ready.

When creating a lesson, customize the content from the title to the instructions. You can also attach files, like templates or information resources. Choose which grades to assign the lesson to and whether to make it a core lesson so it's a top priority on their dashboard.

Take advantage of the prerequisite options to ensure students finish other future-readiness activities in Xello. Prerequisites are activities that must be completed before the student can begin the lesson. This ensures important requirements are put front and center. Choose from prerequisites like rating school subject topics, saving achievements, or adding interests, skills, or favorite careers. Up to five prerequisite activities can be added to a custom lesson.

Note: Only those with administrator access can create or make changes to custom lessons. To learn more about educator access and permissions, read the article on Educator Permissions.

Educators and Custom Lessons

In Educator Tools, under Lessons, educators can easily view the content of the custom lesson before administering it in class with their students. Then, from Reports, check out how many students have completed the lesson and who might need further support and encouragement.

Students and Custom Lessons

For students, custom lessons are housed under Missions on the first page students see when logging in.

If the custom lesson includes prerequisites, the lesson will be "locked" before they can begin. To "unlock" the lesson and view its instructions, students must first complete those prerequisites. By clicking on the custom lesson, links to the required activities encourage students to dive right in and get started.

To fulfill a custom lesson, students type out their answer in the text box and upload any relevant files before clicking Turn In. If they need to make changes after turning in their custom lesson, they click Unsubmit and upload the new version before clicking Turn In again.

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