Xello's Virtual Seminars

Bring your Xello questions to a virtual seminar! Unlike webinars, these 30-minute sessions will have a set number of seats to give you and a small group of educators dedicated time to speak with a Xello training specialist and learn how other educators implement Xello. Each seminar will feature a unique topic as a starting place for discussion, after which you can turn on your mic and camera to join the conversation to ask any pressing questions.

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Maximizing Xello's Assessments in Xello 6-12

This virtual seminar will lead with a short discussion about Assessments in Xello. Learn best practices, the foundation of Xello Assessments, and share in tips, tricks and tactics for using Xello in the classroom. Feel free to bring questions you have about Assessments, or anything else!

Upcoming Session

  • Thursday, February 4th, 2021 at 12:00 PM Eastern Limited seats available!


Beyond Basics with Xello 3-5

This virtual seminar will lead with tips for deepening students' experience in Xello 3-5. Discuss strategies for introducing Xello in-class or remotely, discover how other educators use features like Missions and Achievements, and gather more ideas from fellow educators in the session. Feel free to bring any questions you might have about Xello 3-5.

Upcoming Session

  • Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 at 12:00 PM Eastern Limited seats available!


Re-engage the Disengaged with Xello 6-12

Helping disengaged students find meaning in school is not an easy task. But when students understand the connection between school and careers, they’ll seek out opportunities that align with their interests that can translate into a future occupation. Learn how Xello’s Lesson Resources can help you turn student engagement around. Sit in on a discussion about how other educators engage their students with Xello. Discussions need not be limited to Lessons, so bring any other questions you have!

Upcoming Session

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