View Your Demo Account as an Educator

Every educator account includes a student demo account that lets you explore the student side of the program.

The View as Educator option lets you see how student progress gets tracked in your educator account. Complete an activity using the View as Student option (take an assessment, save a career), and see how it's reflected in a student profile viewed from your educator account.

Note: Your demo account does not affect your reports and is not accessible to other educators. So have fun!

To view your demo student profile and activity as an educator:

  1. From the Dashboard of your Educator Account, find the My Student Demo Account section and select the grade level you'd like to view.
  2. Note: If your account is associated with a region, you'll need to select a school first.
  3. Click View as Educator to open the profile of your student demo account. See the answers you gave when in the student side of your demo account.

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