Data Integration with PowerSchool SIS

Data integration allows Xello to securely exchange data with Student Information Systems to create student accounts in the program. Data integration also takes care of tasks like deactivating, transferring, promoting, and updating student accounts, as long as the information in the SIS is kept up to date.

Student and Course Updates through Powerschool API

PowerSchool exchanges data with Xello through an API integration. To configure the integration:

  1. Your Onboarding Manager will send you a zipped file to download and save the data sync plugin. Do not extract the zip files after downloading as the plugin must be installed as a zip file.
  2. Navigate to the PowerSchool Administrator Sign In. In the bottom left-hand corner of the login prompt, you’ll see a date and a version number. Please write this version number down as you’ll need to provide it to Xello in the final step.
  3. Log in to PowerSchool. From the left menu, click System (under Setup).
  4. Scroll down to the Server section and click System Settings.
  5. In the list of menu items, click Plugin Management Configuration. You’ll be taken to a plugin management dashboard, which lists all installed PowerSchool plugins.
  6. Add the Xello plugin by clicking Install at the top right corner of the page. Click Choose File and find the zip file from your Onboarding Manager, then click Install.
  7. Note: If you see the Xello data sync plugin is already installed, you’ll need to update it. If your PowerSchool version is under 10, delete the Xello plugin and reinstall. If your PowerSchool version is 10 or greater, click the plugin and select Update to attach the new zip file.
  8. You’ll be taken back to the list of all installed PowerSchool plugins. You should see a green success message at the top of the page and one of the rows should say Xello Data Sync Plugin. On that row, click the checkbox under Enable/Disable.
  9. You’ll be taken to a confirmation page that summarizes the type of data that Xello is requesting read-only access to. At the bottom of this screen, click Enable.
  10. The installation process is now complete. You should see a green confirmation message that the plugin was successfully enabled.

Once the plugin is installed, Xello will need information to configure our data synchronization system to be able to sync to your PowerSchool instance.

  1. From the Plugin Management Dashboard, click Xello Data Sync Plugin.
  2. You’ll be taken to a setup page that displays various information about the Xello PowerSchool plugin. Click Data Configuration.
  3. From this screen, find these four pieces of information and send them to your Onboarding Manager:
    • The current URL in your web browser (Xello will access the API through this URL)
    • The Client ID (this allows Xello to identify ourselves to your PowerSchool system).
    • The Client Secret (this should only be shared with Xello. It acts as a password to ensure that only Xello can access the plugin API).
    • The version of PowerSchool you’re currently on (you would have written this down in the first step in this document).

After your Onboarding Manager receives this information, they’ll confirm the API integration. Your site will then be on a daily data transfer schedule.

Importing Course Requests into PowerSchool

View a helpful step-by-step guide to importing courses requests: Importing Course Requests

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