Data Integration with SchoolTool

Data integration allows Xello to securely exchange data with Student Information Systems to create student accounts in the program. Data integration also takes care of tasks like deactivating, transferring, promoting, and updating student accounts, as long as the information in the SIS is kept up to date.

SchoolTool has an API that Xello supports, however it only provides access to students, courses, and current student courses. Student transcripts are NOT available through the API. The API can be enabled by the district IT inside of SchoolTool.

What we'll need from the district to use the API:

  • Their SchoolTool URL
  • The API token (they'll see in SchoolTool once they enable it for Xello)

That's all we need to do daily integration of students, courses and current student courses (the most transient type of data in an SIS).

Unfortunately the SchoolTool API doesn't have student transcripts, so we'll need to receive this via SFTP. Luckily student transcripts are only likely to change two or three times a year (each time grades are posted), so we can set up a separate integration to process this file and only run it 2 or 3 times a year.

For course data transfers, please contact your Onboarding Manager to initiate a student course transfer request. We’ll work with your IT staff to complete course data integration with SchoolTool.

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