Add a Corequisite to a Course

Course rules are used to automatically validate students’ course selections, ensuring that prerequisites, mark thresholds, and other conditions are met, including the ability to add corequisites to a course.

FYI: A corequisite is a course that must be taken together with another course in the same year.

When students select a course, the specified corequisite will also be added to their course plan. To add a corequisite:

  1. From your Educator Account, under Features, click Courses & Diplomas.
  2. From the Courses & Diplomas page, click Courses.
  3. Either browse or search available courses to find and click the course you want to add the corequisite to.
  4. From the course's page, click the Rules tab and from the drop-down menu titled Select a rule to add to this course, select Corequisite.
  5. Search for the course(s) to be added and click the course(s) in the search results.
  6. When finished, click Save.
Note: A course can have a maximum of two corequisites.

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