Add a Course to a Discipline

Disciplines and subdisciplines are groupings of courses based on the subject area or department that offers them. Courses can belong to more than one discipline.

Disciplines can have multiple courses associated with them.

To add a course to a discipline:

  1. From your Educator Account, under Features, click Courses & Diplomas.
  2. Click Disciplines to open the list of disciplines.
  3. In the Discipline/Subdiscipline column, click the discipline to which you want to add courses.
  4. Click the Courses tab to open the list of courses already linked to the discipline.
  5. At the top right of the list, click Add Courses to open a modal window where you can search and select available courses to add.
Tip: If you're not sure of the name of the courses you'd like to add, you can select the associated subject and browse through related courses.

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