Apply a Specialization

Your student may be aiming to achieve one or more Specializations (additional designations in conjunction with their graduation diploma). You can assign Specializations to your students to accurately keep track of their progress and ensure they’ll meet their goals.

To assign your student a Specialization:

  1. In your Educator Account, navigate to the student's course plan.
  2. FYI: Need a reminder how? Check out View a Student's Course Plan.
  3. From near the top right of the Course Planner page, click Settings to open a modal window.
  4. In the field called Specialization either start typing the name of the specialization, or select one from the list.
  5. Once the appropriate Specializations have been applied, click Done.

View the Progress of a Student's Specialization

To view a student’s progress in each of their Specializations:

  1. In your Educator Account, navigate to the student’s course plan.
  2. From the Course Planner page, to the right of the diploma name, click the drop-down to show all the Diplomas and Specializations assigned to the student. Click on the title to view their current progress.
FYI: For more information about Specializations, start with About Diplomas and Specializations.

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