Grade Settings for the Course Planner

These settings allow you to customize each year in the course plan.

Note: This is typically set for the district and can only be modified by those with Administrator Access. If you need a reminder about access levels, check out Educator Permissions.

To access the Course & Diploma Settings page:

  1. From your Educator Account, under Features, click Courses & Diplomas.
  2. From the Courses & Diplomas page, click Settings.

Periods - Minimum and Maximum

Periods are the number of class slots a student has available to them. Students will not be able to submit their course plans unless the number of periods selected falls within the specified range.

Alternate Rule

This setting allows educators to require that students select alternate courses for a given year. During scheduling, the alternates may be referred to if a student course selection cannot be scheduled. Choose from the following alternate settings:

  • No alternates available for this grade
  • Students must select an alternate for each elective course
    • The alternate course appears below the selected course in the plan.
  • Students must select alternates, but they are not related to specific courses
    • The alternate courses appear below the electives in the course plan.

Extra Credit Rule

This option allows students to indicate that they’re taking additional credit outside the regular school year (e.g. summer school). Courses that are selected using this setting count toward graduation requirements and can be exported back to your SIS. Educators set the maximum number of Extra Credits a student can select.

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