Important Dates in the Course Planner

Change important dates relating to the course planner, including when submissions are accepted, when is the student's deadline to submit, and when is the educator's deadline to work on and edit student course plans.

Note: This is typically set for the district and can only be modified by those with Administrator Access. If you need a reminder about access levels, check out Educator Permissions.

Submission Start

This is the date when students can submit their course plans. Before this date, students can select courses, but the submit option does not appear. This date is usually set for the end of the first semester after the latest grades are uploaded.

Student Deadline

This is the date when students have to have submitted their course selections. On this date, all plans become locked for students, regardless of their submission status.

Educator Deadline

This is the date when educators have to complete all their work on student course plans. Once this date has passed, student plans can no longer be edited by educators.

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