Link an Unmatched Course

A student's credit history will sometimes have courses that don’t exist in a school's current course offerings. Most often this happens when a student has transferred from another school or when the school has recently changed or discontinued courses. These courses are Unmatched Courses.

Xello will search for and recommend courses with similar codes to help with matching courses that are unmatched.

To link a course that is unmatched:

  1. From your Educator Account, under Features, click Courses & Diplomas.
  2. Click Unmatched Courses to open the Unmatched Courses list.
  3. To view Xello's recommended courses, click the link in the Possible Match column.
    • If there are no recommendations, click the three dot icon to the right and select View Possible Matches.
  4. Select a course from the possible match recommendations, or search for another course to match to, and click Match Course.
Note: You can link multiple unmatched courses to any course at your school. For example, there may be many codes that are the equivalent of 9th Grade English. However, an unmatched course can only be linked to a single course at your school.

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