View the Course List

The Course Planner tool has a list of every course created. You can view the list to see basic information such as the course code, the grades the course is applied to, and how many credits it's worth. With a deeper dive, view a description, course notes, disciplines, rules, and more.

To view the course list:

  1. From your Educator Account, under Features, click Courses & Diplomas.
  2. From the Courses & Diplomas page, select Courses to open the full course list.
  3. Click in the search box. Select a discipline from the list, enter a discipline name, or start typing a course name or code.
FYI: Xello has dynamic filters, so from any list or report, you can narrow your results through the Filter button in the top right corner. Filters combine different criteria to find exactly what you're looking for. The filters available are customized to the list or report you're viewing.

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