Password Security

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Password and data security are important to Xello. This is why no passwords are visible in Xello for students or educators.

We use industry-standard best practices in data security. This includes using a technique called “hashing” to store all passwords. This means that once a password is encrypted, it cannot be decrypted.

Session Timeouts

As long as a student is actively working in Xello, their session will stay open. If a student doesn’t interact with Xello for 30 minutes, their session will expire. They will need to re-enter their password to continue working.

The timeout works the same way for educators working in Xello.

noteNote: Simply moving your cursor will not keep your session active. You've got to interact with the application.

The "Keep me signed in" Option

When users log in to Xello, there is an option to Keep me signed in. If the user checks this box and then logs in, their session won’t time out even after 30 minutes of inactivity. The next time the user goes to the Sign Innew tab page, they will be logged in automatically.

Do not check Keep me signed in if you’re working on a shared computer.