Data Integration with Ed-Fi

userXello Admin Xello productAccounts Time2 minutes

Xello securely exchanges data with Student Information Systems (SIS) through data integration. It's required to create student accounts in the program, and automatically takes care of tasks like deactivating, transferring, and updating student accounts, as long as the information in the SIS is kept up to date.

Ed-Fi exchanges data with Xello through an API integration. To configure a nightly data transfer:

  1. Add Xello as a vendor in your Ed-Fi data hub.
  2. Submit Ed-Fi API information through our secure Ed-Fi Authorization Credentials new tab form. Include the following details (available in your Ed-Fi data hub):
    • District Name - The name we associate the credentials with.
    • State Endpoint URL - The Ed-Fi URL we'll be communicating with each night.
    • Auth Key - The key that uniquely identifies Xello.
    • Auth Secret - A shared password between Ed-Fi and Xello. Do not share this secret with anyone.
  3. Ed-Fi will use the above information to complete the API integration.