Google Workspace SSO

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With Xello SSO, students can log into their Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account and then access Xello without a separate login.

FYIFYI: To learn more about how SSO works in Xello, see the articles How Student SSO Works and How Educator SSO Works.

To set up SSO through G Suite:

  1. Sign in to new tab with your Google Workspace administrator account.
  2. Click the Apps icon, then click Web and mobile apps.
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  3. Click the Add App dropdown, and select Add custom SAML app.
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  4. Step 1 of 4: You're prompted to enter the name of the app. Enter "Xello" without the quotes and then click Continue.
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  5. Step 2 of 4: under Option 1, click Download Metadata to download an .xml file containing all the information Xello needs to allow Google Workspace access for your district.
    • Save the downloaded file in an easily accessible location. You will need to send this to your Onboarding Manager. Once you have saved the IdP metadata, click Continue to proceed to step 3.
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  6. Step 3 of 4: enter the below information and leave the rest as is. When finished, click Continue.
    • ACS URL:
    • Entity ID: urn:XelloSamlServiceProvider
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  7. Step 4 of 4: click Add Mapping. In the first dropdown, select Primary email. In the second field, type: sso-token (field is case-sensitive, so be sure to enter it in lowercase). Click Finish.
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  8. From the User access area, click View details and select On for everyone. Click save.
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  9. Email the downloaded .xml file to your Onboarding Manager.
    • It may take up to 24 hours for Google to implement your Google Workspace SSO.
noteNote: Below is a Xello logo you can use as an icon. Right click on the Xello icon, and save the image to an easily accessible location.