Microsoft Azure SSO

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With Xello SSO, students can log into their Microsoft Azure account and then access Xello without a separate login.

FYIFYI: To learn more about how SSO works in Xello, see the articles How Student SSO Works and How Educator SSO Works.

To set up SSO through Azure:

  1. Follow the link to the Azure Management Portal: new tab
  2. Click Azure Active Directory, then select Enterprise applications.
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  3. From the top menu click New application.
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  4. Click Create your own application.
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  5. Enter Xello as the name of your app and make sure the option Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery is turned on. Click Create.
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  6. Click 2. Set up single sign on.
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  7. Click the box titled SAML.
  8. Click the pencil icon next to Basic SAML Configuration and enter the following values:
    • Identifier (Entity ID): urn:XelloSamlServiceProvider - Check off the Default box
    • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): - Tick the Default box
    • Leave all other fields set to their default and click Save.
  9. Locate the box titled SAML Signing Certificate. Next to Federation Metadata XML, click Download.
    • This will save an .xml file to your disk which will need to be emailed to your Onboarding Manager.
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  10. In the left menu, under Users and groups, enable access to students and educators who should be able to use Xello.
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  11. Right click on the Xello icon below, and save the image to an easily accessible location.
  12. In the left menu, click Properties and select Logo to locate the previously saved Xello icon.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Be sure to send the .xml file that you saved in step 9 to your Onboarding Manager. Your Onboarding Manager will then complete the single sign-on configuration within Xello and let you know when testing can begin.