Schoology SSO

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Xello can be added as an external tool within Schoology for the purposes of SSO.

FYIFYI: To learn more about how SSO works in Xello, see the articles How Student SSO Works and How Educator SSO Works.

Your Onboarding Manager will provide you with two pieces of information to be used in a later step: a consumer key and a shared secret. The consumer key is our unique identifier for your Schoology implementation, while the shared secret is used to ensure that all communication sent from Schoology to Xello are secure. Both pieces of information are unique to your implementation and are known only by Xello and your Schoology administrator.

noteNote: Schoology recommends that you set up your tool providers at the district level. Instructions provided will focus on the recommended method.

To set up SSO in Schoology:

  1. Your Onboarding Manager will provide a URL, a key, and a secret.
  2. From the left menu of the System Admin homepage, click System Settings link and then the Integration sub-link.
  3. Click the External Tools tab at the top. Next, click the Add External Tool Provider button.
  4. You’ll now be prompted to enter configuration details. The settings should be as follows:
  5. Form Field Value
    Tool Name Xello
    Consumer Key (the consumer key that was sent to you via email)
    Shared Secret (the shared secret that was sent to you via email)
    Configuration Type Manual
    Match By URL
    Domain/URL (this URL is case sensitive)
    Custom Parameters
  6. Click Submit. Complete a test to make sure a student can SSO successfully.