Xello for School Leavers

Time36 minstvRecording

Join this webinar to hear some of our top tips on how to use Xello to support your students for the next step following their leaving school.

In this recording, you'll:

  • Learn about some administrative best practices for your school leavers’ Xello accounts so they can retain their access
  • Dive deeper into Xello’s Experience Tracker and CV builder
  • Explore Xello features which can be used to support your leavers on results day, including:
    • revisiting existing plans and creating new one
    • how to reset Matchmaker
    • and exploring careers with the addition of filters.
  • Understand how other schools utilise Xello to add value to their 1-2-1 leaver sessions

Watch the recording in a new tab: Xello for School Leavers new tab